Institute of Professional Development for Educators was first organized in 2000.
Participants included Su-Ling Hwang, Frank Liang, Jin-Fu Wu, Jen-Jang Sheu, Wen-Rong Tsay, Hui-Chuan Hung, Hui-Chuan Pai, and Tze-Chang Liu.
This institute faced many difficulties in the process of establishing because there were too many institutes for educators, and the Ministry of Education limited to establish more institutes for educators.
We named the institute as “Institute of Professional Development for Educators” after participants discuss and consider the trend of international education academic development.
Our goal included foundation of educational theory, guidance and counsel, and educational training.
We emphasized on theoretical and practical research of professional development for educators, and cultivated professional researching and practical people.
According to the supports from President Jei-Fu Shaw, Dean of Office of Research and Development Fuh-Sheng Shieu, Dean of Office of Academic Affairs Jen-Fon Jen, Dean of College of Social Science and Management Shuan-chi Shen, we set up a preparatory office in August, 2006, and Professor Su-Ling Hwang served as the chairperson.
This institute was officially founded in August, 2007, belonged to College of Laws and Politics , and enrolled twelve graduate students.
As of 2015, it has a total of 21 students doing the master's programs. The 8 full-time faculty members are dedicated to providing students with certain core competence, such as administration and communication, critical thinking, professional ethics, international comparison and theoretical foundation.